Ice Road to Masskär

The trip to Masskär was rather spontaneous. My friend Elisa sent me a message that ice road is open and we can go to the lighthouse which is located on the island by foot (the road is around 3 km long). I like discovering new places, besides it was a new way as I never walked on sea ice.


We did not count that it would be sooo strong wind and we regretted that we did not have a snowmobile. But we are strong women and wind could not stop us! haha 🙂


Besides if we did not walk that way by foot, I could not do such nice pictures of ice… So, it is always better to think about advantages.


I really liked the way Finnish people spend their spare time with their families. Usually they go to their summer cottages on a weekend, even in winter, make bonfire and prepare food, also spend time walking on a beach.

IMG_3417These red houses look very lovely.


I would also wish to have such summer cottage near the sea.

IMG_3444This is a true Finnish winter landscape in my perception – dark, moody, but still there is a bit of light which gives warm.

IMG_3450Nature creates these beautiful views by itself. We can just admire them.
IMG_3457 copyOn the way back we had more sunlight, and it showed us better the shape of ice surface. Although we were chilled to the bone, we felt very happy about this trip as it gave us new energy and inspiration.


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